About us

DSO-Service Oy is a construction company located in southwest Finland and has been in business since 2012. We are specialized in old buildings restoration. Restoration means an attempt to return an object, building etc. to it‘s previous state. In restoration it’s important to aim at using original materials and methods. In case if the structural elements are not usable, it’s important to meld the new materials as smoothly as possible with the old one, so the overhauls and addings don’t ruin the buildings cultural history value.

Restoration work gives it’s maker a possibility to learn about history and culture of the place.

The building itself and the way it’s been build tells a lot about the builder. Buildings that were made in the same era and in the same area, are all unique and different, due to the builder. Every builder had their own style and way, so called “signature”, to build. In restoration we must reconstruct the builders way to think, to find the same path in mind, in order to copy their work. Because every project is different and unique, we also learn new things constantly along the way.

Before we begin any project, it is important for us to know the story of a place. We always do a thorough background study before starting. When and why was the building originally built? Who has lived or worked there? What kind of different purposes has the building had during time? What are the characteristic features of the building?

Why should you choose DSO-Service Oy?


  • We always give a realistic estimation about the duration and costs of the project. And for the record, we have zero delayed projects!
  • We stick to the estimation of costs, so there are no sneaky extra costs along the way.
  • If there should be any surprising changes along the project,we will inform the customer immediately and discuss the options together.

Work safety

  • We follow regulations and rules precisely.Everything is covered up with insurance. This serves the benefit of the customer and us.


  • We keep the customer on track about the progression during the whole project.
  • We are always available for discussion and are more than happy to answer any kind of questions that may come into mind.
  • Good communication and cooperation are the main keys to a successful project and lead to the best results.