Construction, restoration, renovations & painting works.

Construction, restoration, renovations & painting works.

DSO-service Oy

DSO-Service Oy is a company located in southwest of Finland. We are reliable and professional construction company. We are specialised in old building restorations, but we also do new buildings with high professional skill.

We have received praises from our customers about the quality of the work and also our efficiency. A satisfied customer matters the most to us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an competitive offer!

We do it with professional touch

Restoration means an attempt to return an object, building etc. to it‘s previous state. In restoration it’s important to aim at using original materials and methods. In case if the structural elements are not usable, it’s important to meld the new materials as smoothly as possible with the old one, so the overhauls and addings don’t ruin the buildings cultural history value.

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